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Developer: After Choices - -
Censored: No

A happily married Asian woman, born and raised in a culturally strict country, is tempted to risk her marriage after being a faithful wife for many years. What will happen if you give this woman a "Free Pass"? Will she take this opportunity, or will it improve her marriage?

The game has a lesbian-friendly mode as well as a ton of straight content.

Developer Notes:
Because of Junta, we are constantly relocating our family. If you support us on Patreon, you are assisting a family who desperately needs a visa to live somewhere better.

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v1.20 Reboot
  • 317 new renders
  • 13 animations
  • 1 complete episode
  • The letterbox filter will be optimized after season one.

v1.19 Reboot
  • 534 new renders
  • 14 animations
  • 1 complete episode
  • Some old lines and bugs have been fixed or edited.
  • The letterbox filter is still not fully optimized.

v1.18 Reboot
  • 325 new renders
  • 16 animations
  • 1 complete episode
  • The letterbox filter is still not fully optimized.
v1.17 Reboot
  • 308 new renders
  • 14 animations
  • 1 complete episode
  • The letterbox filter is still not fully optimized.
v1.15 Reboot
  • 990 Renders
  • 33 Animations
  • 6 Complete Episodes
  • Attitude & History section-added under the stats menu
  • The Letterbox filter is not fully optimized.
v1.1 Reboot
  • Reboot
  • 303 new renders
  • Male Protagonist Added (Avoidable)
  • Episode 1: "Pilot"
  • Haven't done any proofreading.

  • Major Update
  • 1482 new renders
  • 1 animation
  • Restart the game from day73 if you want to avoid Tom Brooks or Megan Ross
  • 10 playable days (Day 75 - Day 84)
  • Make Jasmine an NPC or not
  • Sorry, this version has no sound.
  • 641 new renders
  • Playable two routes;
  • Play one walkthrough with Pure Lesbian/ Transgender Content turned on
  • Play another one with Pure Lesbian/ Transgender Content turned off
  • The full story of runaway bride
  • Playable day 72
  • Day 73
  • Day 74
  • Major Update (Intermission)

  • 252 new renders
  • 5 animations
  • Liam path
  • Femdom
  • Zari path (Zoe Cameo)
  • Joseph path

v0.42 Public

  • Recommend playing back from the club scene to avoid bugs (Day 68)
  • The new reliable menu system for Yoon, Jas, Michelle
  • The Sequel to a club event (Pure Lesbian Route/ Straight)
  • Eating Banana or Strawberry on Day 66 will have an impact on the story
  • The next step of Free Pass (Runaway Bride Introduction)
  • Joseph event
  • Minor Bugs Fixed

  • Days Reordered
  • Bugs Fixed
  • New Dialogues Added
  • Old Mods may not work well as almost all the scripts files have been edited
  • Old saves are compatible but we recommend playing back from Day 3

  • Major Update
  • 763 new renders
  • Proofreading is done by Coar73
  • Sex scenes
  • Jasmine Revenge
  • Michelle Backstory
  • Joseph has to pee
  • I love you Zoe
  • Banana & Strawberry
  • Free Pass
  • There will be more contents if you have played "Incidence with Iceman" and "the house party".

  • 368 New Renders (75 Renders as a narrated slideshow.)
  • Cuckquean Michelle Event
  • One possible ending of Joseph's event
  • This update is the consequence of previous ones.
  • Yoon has to go to the House Party for more content.
  • Yoon had to have an oral sexy given by Zoe at a party for more content.
  • If Yoon admitted her affection to Joseph at a party, there will be more content.
  • Depending on the decisions you made at the Clarie clothing store, Yoon will choose a set of clothes to wear at dinner.
  • Free Pass Acceptance (The next updates will be hotter than ever!)
*Friendly Advice - If you are a fan of the pure lesbian route, you should wait till the next update to get the full experience.*

  • 564 new renders
  • Playable Day 2
  • 2 Minigames
  • House Party Event
  • Virgin Michelle Event
  • Incidence with Iceman Event

  • 576 New Renders
  • Meet with Sukkhon, beautiful Kathoey, Trans Woman (Sex scenes - Avoidable)
  • Play from Jasmine POV
  • New Fetishes: Open Relationship, Adulterer, The Peeping Tom (Voyeurism), Dom/sub, Gerontophile (Sexual attraction to the elderly)
  • New Attitudes: The Beauty Enthusiast, Fashionable, Stylish, One-sided Affection/Love

- Due to requests, new options were added which lead to Pure Lesbian Path
- No annoying notification system which sometimes freezes the game.
- Normal or Hard Mode at the beginning of the game (**Old save files will not be compatible with this update**)
- Bugs fixed

- Pure Lesbian Path Added (
- Live Stats at the top right screen
- Minimum Points Reduced
- Faster Notification Animation
- Zoe's new scene

English Translation Reworked (Day 1 - Chapter 1)*

- 16 styles of Audio Sex experience including Special Custom themes
- Animations with interactive controls Lesbian Paths
- 2x playtime longer than V0.38
- Unlock-able Interesting side stories including Virgin Michelle, House Party, and much more.
- More Michelle’s Play role Now we got a voice actress for Yoon Ni Ko
- Lesbian Path
* Special thanks to Habu, from Habu Interactive for English Translation Reworked (Day 1 - Chapter 1)*

Initial Release