Review/Rating Rules


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The usage of reviews is not just a means to rate a game, it is also, a way for users who have played the game to give an explanation as to why said game is good or bad.

Review Rules
  1. Try to be objective, describe your reasoning and highlight what key aspects of the content were good or bad.
  2. Please mention the version of the game you are reviewing of.
  3. Do not mention other games or other developers in your review, this is to prevent cross promotion.
  4. The review should only be about the game, not the developer (pricing, update times, etc).
  5. There is a 200 character requirement, do not attempt to bypass this by using spam or irrelevant comments.
  6. Your review shouldn't be solely focused on your feelings about a specific genre.
  7. Do not review your own game or games you've worked on.
If you're short on ideas of what to talk about here's some suggestions:
Story, Originality, Renders, Sound, Playability, Performance, Bugs, Animations, Voice Acting, Grammar, Amount of content


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